About Enagic

Enagic, formerly a manufacturing division of Sony Corporation, opened the Company's operations in Okinawa, Japan.

Enagic is a leading Japanese company in the field of electrolytic water purifier manufacturing, with a history of sustainable development over the past 40 years.

Founder – President and CEO: Hironari Oshiro

Founding date: June 21, 1974

Single manufacturing plant: 1-40-1, Hoshida-kita, Katano-city, Osaka

Phone: +81 (72)893-3306

Goods supply center:

Enagic Co.Ltd. Supply Center

1-40-1, Hoshida-kita, Katano-city, Osaka

Tel: +81 (72) 893-9027

Enagic has developed official operations offices in the following countries:

2003: United States, Taiwan

2005: Hong Kong

2006: Canada

2008: Europe (Based in Germany)

2009: Mexico

2010: Italy, Australia

2011: Korea

2012: Singapore, Malaysia

And many other countries.



Kangen Water™ is a brand that Japanese company Enagic has built since 1974, with the desire to create a good source of water that can improve everyone's health. Kangen™ in Japanese means "return - return to the source", representing Enagic's mission: to create pure, pristine, fresh water, helping our bodies to purify pollutants and restore health. restore equilibrium, like the original nature. The phrase "Kangen water" has become a very familiar noun and is now widely used in Japan as well as around the world.

The Magical Beginning of Kangen Water
1. Miracles from water can cure diseases

We've all heard of miraculous waters in certain places on our planet that have healing powers. Many people have come to Tlacote (Mexico), Lourdes (France), and Nordenau (Germany) to drink water from these clean and miraculous wells.

Many people suffering from diseases from all over the world have sought out these sources of water. They have chosen for themselves a strange treatment method that not everyone believes in its effectiveness. And miraculously, just by using the water in these water sources, some patients were cured.

2. The truth about magical water

During the 1950s, Russians began to notice the effects of this water, they collected samples of water miracle (Water Miracle) in an effort to discover why ordinary water can cure diseases. One common thing found in miraculous water sources in the above areas is that the alkalinity of water molecules is always high (ie ORP has a high negative level).

At that time, the Japanese also grasped the key to creating a magical water source, they embarked on a project to create an ionized water purifier to create highly alkaline water. Since then, the alkaline water created from ionized water purifiers has been noticed and put into use. Then, in 1974, with the approval of the Japanese Ministry of Health, the alkaline Kangen water purifier was put into hospitals to use to support the treatment of patients and doctors.

In the early 50s, the Japanese continued the project and within a few years produced a portable alkaline water ionizer size. They were later approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and have been used in hospitals since 1974.

Recognized by the Ministry of Health and scientific organizations, Kangen water is said to be a pioneer product focusing on the health of the Japanese. It is this water purifier that has brought this miraculous source of healing water closer to the people of Asia.

3. Tested and approved over 8,800 doctors

Japan Association for Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases (JAPMAD) certified: Enagic is the only company in the water industry honored for creating premium medical equipment that produces ionized water made .

More than 8,800 physicians have tested Enagic Kangen Water Purifiers in clinical application with their patients and recognized its excellent quality.

Kangen ionizers are used in hundreds of hospitals in Japan. Here is a list of hospitals Using Enagic Kangen Water Machines:

§ Kyowa Hospital

§ Kitari Institute Medical Center

§ Showa University Hospital

§ Meiseki Hospital

§ Nara College of Medicine Hospital

Iida Hospital

§ Tokyo Women's College of Medicine Hospital

§ Hanabatake Hospital

§ And many other households….

1. Fight against the aging process

Kangen Water™ has the ability to balance the internal organs, neutralize free radicals (active oxygen), restore health.

Free radicals (active oxygen) are the cause of all diseases. The human body has 50 billion billion cells. Every cell has a deoxyrlbonucleic nucleus, or DNA, that maps the body's activities. When this DNA is damaged, there will be disease and the aging process of cells caused by lack of water, and caused by these free radicals (active oxygen).

Kangen Water™ yields active hydrogen (OH–) that neutralize these free active oxygen molecules. Kangen Water™ slows down the aging process of cells, purifies the body, prevents